About Us. Orbit Business Centre has a host of services to offer businesses, whether large or small, existing or new. So why Orbit Business Centre?

About Us

Merthyr Tydfil has one of the fastest growing business economies in South Wales, backed by a substantial investment programme. Comprehensive business support is available, workforce skills are being developed; we are showing off our architecture, developing impressive leisure facilities and strengthening still further our transport and internet links.

The locality has an established technology and manufacturing base and a thriving creative sector. The University of Glamorgan has a major presence in the town of Merthyr Tydfil, while the business, financial and professional services sectors are enjoying a period of sustained growth.

The area boasts some of Wales' finest countryside, culture and heritage. Orbit Business Centre is therefore an excellent place to be… a building comprising approximately 30,000sq.ft. of grade A office space for established and new-start businesses, large conference facility, training rooms and much, much more!

The Orbit video was filmed using Drone technology by the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales