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Business Women in Wales

Supporting Business Women in Wales

The Welsh Government recognises and supports the importance and contribution that women entrepreneurs make to the economy of Wales, however, there is more to do to continue this journey and further develop the representation of women owned businesses in Wales. Our Business Wales service is therefore renewing its commitment to support and encourage more women to successfully start, sustain or grow their business in Wales and reach their full potential.

Alongside the Welsh Government a significant number of other organisations share this commitment and have joined in the development of a gender aware approach in Wales to encourage and better tailor their support to women entrepreneurs. This approach has been shaped by an expert panel (the Panel) consisting of representatives from businesses, banks, business support organisations and academia backed by consultation with established or prospective women entrepreneurs in Wales.

The approach sets out a common vision to supporting entrepreneurial women in Wales and is supplemented by a ‘Good Practice Guide’ that outlines how business support organisations can better tailor their services to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs. The Panel has made ten recommendations that build on the current strengths of business support services in Wales and aim to create a structure which the broader business support community can identify with and adopt.

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